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Saturday, July 09, 2005


The Travis Henry Deal

Titans GM Floyd Reese will only trade for Travis Henry if he can sign him to a long-term deal. -

After reading that, I'm wondering if the Jags have a similar mindset. If we acquire Henry, is he our featured runningback for a couple of years? Is Fred Taylor done in Jacksonville? Or is this simply a frantic one year rental in hopes of returning to the playoffs?

Let me get this out of the way quickly - I'm in no way a fan of trading valuable high draft picks unless you're getting back a true franchise player. Any other year, I'd be non-supportive of this move. I'd prefer that the Jags acquire areas of need through free agency and free agency strictly (at the right price, anyway).

If you think about it, the old deal that turned into Rob Johnson for Fred Taylor between Buffalo and Jacksonville is a good example of how a team can be burned by making these kind of trades. Sure, that's one example. Sure, who's to say it can never work out. But it's a gamble. Draft picks are so valuable. In most cases, I wouldn't play with the odds.

But in this trade scenario where we send out a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round draft pick (I'm not totally positive of Buffalo's asking price) for Henry...maybe it's worth it?

"I had an MCL and PCL combo [tear]. The thing that I heard was that it was just under the severity of an ACL -- not as bad, but just below it because of the combination of the two.'' - #28 himself, courtesy of

Most reporters are saying Taylor will not be ready for the first few weeks of the season and its unclear how the injury could hinder him for the remainder. With that in mind, are we ready to hand the job to LaBrandon Toefield, rookie Alvin Pearman, or any of the many backups with confidence that the offense will be OK?

In my opinion...

To be honest, I'm not totally confident in putting these guys in one of our most important spots. Neither is the dwindling fanbase.

Making the playoffs is so important this season. Del Rio realizes this. Harris realizes this. Just about everybody realizes this. Any other scenario, I believe the team would stick the young guys out there and see what happens. That's what I'd prefer. But this organization is desperate to become playoff contenders once again. Not just for the team's sake, but for the empty seats that need to be filled. This move could be more than just an onfield improvement, but an attempt directed towards improvement in attendance.

When it comes to dealing one of our good draft picks for a player, this is one of the rare cases where I'm for it.


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